Web applications

We use Wordpress and Umbraco as our core engines to offer high quality web development service in order to meet all your needs

It is our believe that web is not only about nice design and funcionalities, but that is the best way to create an image and send a message to your customers.

We provide solutions from simple content editing to complex, business oriented applications.

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Mobile applications

Where web isn't enough and should be extended, mobile comes in.

Yes, web is the best way to reach your customers and spread the word, but in the age of mobility and cloud, you should consider flexibility, funcionality and data exchange between you and your customers.

From iOS, to Android and Windows Phone, native or cross platform, simple or complex; you name it. We got you covered.

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Line of business applications

Our team has great experience in custom tailored business application, which can cover parts or all aspects of your business.

Applications have greater purpose in business than collecting data; data has to be measurable and transformed into information which guide management into business success.

This is why we are primary focused on lead generation. However, combining. NET technology, as our core platform, and using modern web technologies, we also cover all other aspects of your business and processes.

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Innovative solutions

Our team also works on our independent projects. Together with our external partners, we work on new approaches to technical solutions, in order to make an impact in our community and environment.

Part of our companies philosophy is to give back to the community, so we use all available sources of inspiration to combine technology and gadgets in order to solve problems and innovate.

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Technologies we use