Our Story

As an innovative company, COX 4 Ltd combines passion for technology with knowledge and experience, in order to meet specific needs of our clients. We share our resources, within our team, among clients and partners, and the community, in order to promote change and flexibility.

We are team of enthusiastic and motivated young individuals, that turn obstacles into challenges, from which we all grow independently and as a company, and we take our clients with us. That is what sets us apart.

In the beginning, there was a small team with big dreams. Now, we have grown into a bigger family, that has already set great results and accomplishments.

Parallel to those successes, some of us were and still are building innovative eco systems in the IT community of Herzegovina. We're using that experience to push those ideas to young talents, and change mindsets within the community and our company.

As a result of hard dedication, work, innovation and experience, we've satisfied all our customers needs; starting from local as well as international client's.

Our clients needs come first. We listen, we process, we deliver.

Why choose us?


We approach business in a systematic way by analyzing in order to understand our customers needs.

We collaborate with our client through all the processes, to make sure we are on the right path.

We take project management seriously, because we believe it's a key to our client's success.


We are a highly skilled & experienced group of individuals, that works hard on progression and improvement.

This is why we invest a lot of time in education and technology exploring, in order to take our skills to a whole another level.

We use those skills to get the maximum out of the technologies, for your maximum success.


Our team has repeatedly been recognized and acknowledged as an innovative team on an international level.

This proves that we understand technology & trends, and how to use them to solve your problems.

This is the result of hard work, dedication, motivation and inspiration, which we use to fulfill your vision.

Our partners