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COX 4 is established in 2014, consisting of young individuals eager to acquire new knowledge and skills and not afraid of facing new challenges.

We are specialized in custom-made business solutions, and we develop innovative mobile, web, and desktop applications for our clients. We had the opportunity to work and gain experience in different industries: Automotive, HVAC, Architecture, Gaming, Trade Fair, Social Media, Human Resources, CRM, ERP.

We can cover all life cycle stages of software development and can consult our clients from idea to working software. All of our existing, we are focused on finding the right partners and establish long-term cooperation.


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Internship programs for students

COX 4 ltd was several times a part of the program “Moja praksa”, supported by USAID and organized by INTERA Technology Park. The main aims of this project were youth education and networking, as well as providing opportunities for them to get their first professional experience.

In our company, we appreciate technology, since our work depends on it, but what we appreciate even more are the people behind it. Since we are socially responsible, it is imperative to participate and support these organizations that contribute to young people’s education and skills.


The Challenge Fund

The Challenge Fund, from Swedish Embassy, targeted micro and small enterprises in B&H, including start-ups. Among 800 applications, we were among the ten awarded teams for non-refundable resources. The purpose of the Challenge was to support projects which deliver both commercial benefits for the private sector and development benefits for the population in B&H, e.g. in terms of job creation and income improvements.
This type of support should serve as an opportunity to implement innovative and commercial business projects. Our awarded idea was a mobile application Food scan, which enables easy access to the food ingredients by scanning the barcode.


Governmental acknowledgment for the successful growth

At the end of 2015 Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts had announced a public call for incentives for small and medium enterprises.

Among many other applications from all over the Federation, Federal Ministry decided to give incentives to us as the Fastest growing, young company. Also, we were recognized by the state television, which made the reportage about us and our achievements.

This award was important to us and forced us to work harder and contribute more to the local economy. We were pleased and honored for recognizing us as a successful company in our local community.


Entrepreneur of the Month

We received acknowledgment from the U.S. Embassy in B&H in March 2016, when our founder – Marin Jozić has been chosen as “Entrepreneur of the Month 2016”, as one of 12 the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of technologies and services.

This program was established by the U.S. Embassy to promote entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to identify entrepreneurs who excelled at work. Besides working on networking and the new business relations development, those entrepreneurs also started working as mentors.

The success of our company comes as a result of hard work, good organizational structure, and qualified employees who feel a passion for technology and innovation.


Establishment of Intera Technology Park

The foundation for innovation and technological development – INTERA is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established to encourage and support the economic development process in the Herzegovina region.

The founder and owner of our company was first a volunteer and after that, an employee of INTERA Technology Park where he worked as a Head of the IT sector.

Experience gained in the establishment and operations of Intera TP was something that inspired us to play a significant role in building the startup ecosystem in our country.


Establishment of Linnovate Technology Park

Linnovate Technology Park is founded in great support of entrepreneurs Mate Rimac and Marin Jozic, and it is an environment for creating a perspective future, founded to stimulate and improve the economy of Herzeg-Bosnian Canton.

The work of the Linnovate is based on support for education, business, entrepreneurship, export, and access to finance through the work of a business incubator and supported in all daily operations by COX 4.

This is the best way to contribute to economic development through fostering advanced technology, stimulation of entrepreneurial and investment culture, and fostering of diaspora cooperation.


Establishment of Cluster Mostar Software City

Mostar Software City is an association of local companies from the sector of information and communication technology created from the need to improve the overall systematic approach of the local ecosystem in this sector.

The focus of MSC is on supporting local exporters of products and services. Through the development and improvement of local products and services and the joint approach of local companies the gates of the global market will be opened.

The Association consists of most important, local IT companies with over 300 employees, where MSC serves as a platform for high-quality implementation of software projects according to customer’s needs, from mobile/web/desktop applications to integrated software solutions and technical support in areas of business, e-government, Video over-IP solutions, etc.

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